Bike Rentals Beltline

Do you need a bike hire service in the Beltline area of Calgary? Are you looking to hire a bike for an hour or even for a full day? Regardless of your requirements, for the best bike rentals Beltline offers, look no further than Shop Reworks. Based in the heart of Calgary, we provide a comprehensive and competitively priced rental service, so call us on 403-263-4366.

Your Beltline Bike Rentals Service

Are you in Calgary and are looking for bike rentals in Beltline? If you are, look no further than Shop Reworks, a gift shop that happens to rent bicycles too. We are a company that is dedicated to providing green, environmentally friendly products and services, with bike hire being one such service.

In our gift shop, we offer bicycle rental and seasonal tours as a greener way to explore everything Calgary has to offer. Our regular seasonal tours run May through September, but we are happy to offer custom tours throughout the year. Additionally, if you just require bike rentals, Beltline can rely on us for that too.

At Shop Reworks, our urban styled, step-through bikes are available to rent year-round. Included in our Beltline bike rentals service is:Bike Rentals Beltline

  • Basket
  • Lock
  • Bell
  • Lights for Night Riding
  • Helmet (if required)

When you utilise our bike rentals in Beltline, you will be required to sign a waiver. Additionally, a credit card deposit and photo ID are required for all bicycle hire.

Our Bike Hire Durations and Options

Here at Shop Reworks, we can offer varying durations with our bike rentals. Beltline and Calgary residents or tourists can hire our bikes for an hour, a half day (four hours), or a full day. So whether you have an errand to run, want a few hours to explore, or wish to spend the day cycling around Calgary, we have a service to match.

Additionally, if you wish, you can hire our tandem bike. We also offer a rental on a chariot child carrier bike trailer if you are bringing your kids along. This trailer fits two small children and can be rented for a half or full day.

Our seasonal tours include a Brewery Map tour, where you can sample tasty brews from the micro-brew scene. The Art and History tour includes admission to Fort Calgary, Lougheed House, and Studio Bell, plus treats and drinks from Alforno Bakery and Sidewalk Citizen Bakery. Finally, the Park and Picnic tour is self-guided with urban garden parks, beautiful riverfront, and hidden natural areas.

Other Services

In addition to bike rentals, Beltline and Calgary residents and tourists can purchase a range of products from us. From home décor and tableware to jewelry and accessories, every product we stock is locally made from recycled materials. By purchasing these products from Shop Reworks, you are ensuring they don’t find their way to the over 10,000 landfills throughout Canada.

Choose us for the most Comprehensive Bike Rentals Beltline Offers

Here at Shop Reworks, we are Calgary’s only green lifestyle shop. Our green business features a community style coffee bar, seasonal tours, and bike rentals in Beltline, all within a gift shop. We strive to make lives more sustainable by encouraging waste reduction and greener transportation in everything we do.

As a company that focuses on sustainability and environmentally friendly products and services, we have four core values. These core values are; Think Sustainably, Make an Impact, Focus Locally, and Be Passionate. We are passionate about offering solutions in Calgary that meet our four core values, one of which is bike rentals, Beltline.

Additionally, when you purchase a product from us or utilise our Beltline bike rentals, you are giving back to the local community. As a local company, we aim to make Calgary a better, more sustainable place and your dollars will be placed back into that community.

Contact Us

For further information about our bike rentals, Beltline and Calgary residents or tourists can contact us today on 403-263-4366. Alternatively, you can email us at or fill out our simple online form.